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Assistance as part of an investigation conducted by the DIRECCTThe medium subscription

Assistance as part of an investigation conducted by the DIRECCTE

The French directions régionales des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emplo] (DIRECCTE) are decentralized bodies of the French Minister for Economic Affairs. One of their mission is to enforce the regulation on late payments.

Over the last few years, the administration has been monitoring late payment more closely and has imposed much higher fines than in the past. In this context, any company must be assisted by an attorney as part of an investigation.

HLG Avocats provides to its clients legal and strategic assistance from the beginning to the end of the DIRECCTE’s investigation.

Our fees

To advise and assist a company during an investigation on late payment regulation, our fees are between €500 and €3 500 VAT excluded. The amount varies depending on the extent to which the firm is involved in the investigation. We can provide occasional assistance or following the entire investigation (by analyzing all the documents sent by the DIRECCTE, drafting answers to the DIRECCTE, and assisting the company during hearings).

Those amounts are provided for information purposes only. According to our ethics rules, our mission shall not start unless and until both parties agree on the terms of our legal services agreement.

The medium subscription

HLG Avocats offers monthly flat rate fees adapted to the needs of each company. The area of expertise will be described in the fee agreement as well as the practical terms and conditions of service. As part of this offer, the client can contact HLG Avocats by email or phone. HLG Avocats shall respond promptly.

Our fees

Subscriptions are payable monthly but can be stopped anytime subject to a one month notice.

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